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Attention Weight Loss Seeking Females ... Don't just HOPE you're going to lose weight by next month... Because you're about to discover a proven way to get back into shape and turn your body back into a lean, slim and healthy physique that turns heads and continues to burn fat even when you're resting... Continue reading!

Dear friend,womanandscale

Does it drive you crazy no matter how many fitness ideas, tricks, programs and promises you try, you can never reach that dream body you picture in your head on a daily basis?

Have you ever wondered why others just like you seem to achieve the right curves in the right places and no matter what clothes they try on they just fit right?

Have you ever dreamed of waking up one morning and looking down to see a flat belly, toned thighs and the feeling you can take on ANY physical challenge put in front of you without it kicking your ass?

If so…

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secret contained inside could change your life forever.

Hi, My name is Hari Luker, fitness coach, trainer, all round fitness nerd and I've been in the strength and endurance circuit for 18 years… I’m here to tell you everything you have ever been told about how to lose weight is FALSE!

It's Time To Stop The Insanity!

StopThere I said it!  Listen. For decades the media has been spewing false information about how to workout and burn fat with hour long steady state cardio sessions, zero carbs and zero fat diets…

Each time I hear this it just makes me sick!

Why you ask?

If you’re like most of the people I’ve talked with and personally coached, then chances are you’ve tried multiple diet plans, workout routines, gadgets and even different gym memberships... And since you are reading this now, chances are you never achieved the results you were promised... 

Does that sound like you? The good news is... 

It’s Not Your Fault

In fact, 98% of people around you have all been fed false information about the TRUE way to burn fat, get lean and boost a life long metabolism.

You see, you walk into any gym and you’re guaranteed to see the running machines, and ellipticals full of people moving at a steady pace.

Chances are if you’ve been going to the gym for any period of time it’s the same people still there running day after day…

Now think to yourself...Have they lost weight? Have they REALLY improved their fitness? Probably not…

Here's Why...

women tired after cardioNot long ago an International Sports Nutrition Journal did a 3 month study and found with the addition of 5 days a week steady state aerobic activity, for 45 minutes at a time, at 78% heart rate had NO effect on weight loss compared to dieting alone for the same 3 month period…

So they wasted 45 HOURS over the 3 months THINKING they were losing weight when all they had to do was eat clean.

Now you may be thinking to yourself ‘what else am I suppose to do’ or ‘3 months isn’t long enough”

And like you I thought exactly the same thing so I kept researching.

And to my surprise I found a McTiernan Study over a 12 MONTH period participants did 1 HOUR of aerobic activity 5 days a week and the average participate only lost 3.5lbs TOTAL!

That’s only 3.5lbs of weight loss over an entire year.

Would you stick to a plan that required 5 days a week at 60 minutes a time just to lose 3.5lbs over a year?

.I didn’t think so!

It’s a fact steady cardio and classes at big box gyms or $300 home classes don’t work. Even more proof shows.


Studies by the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) show that gym are currently seeing an 89% drop off rate, and when they market, they expect an average of only 18% of members to stick and use gyms on a regular basis.

Here’s the thing...I don’t want you to be another lousy gym statistic. You have a life, you’re busy, you have a family, so you want to save time and want results you can see and feel each and every week.

You want a workout that will:

  • Tone your entire body so you can feel confident in anything you wear
  • Boost your metabolism so you can be burning fat while you sleep
  • Melt maximum fat so you can reveal your new curves and start turning heads walking down the street!
  • Lift self confidence so you can wear what you want where you want and always feel great!
  • Destroy Fat Forever because you have a newly discover education about simple and realistic "lifestyle" eating habits


Here is EXACTLY What You Need To Do To Get Your New Body & Maintain It For The Long Haul So You Never Have To Worry About Gaining Weight Again!

Introducing the 30 Day Fat Furnace! Chances are you’re now thinking “So what makes the 30 Day Fat Furnace so much different from every other program or gym class I’ve tried?

And that’s simple…

It all breaks down to a simple formula you have probably never seen before.

FT + IL + OT = MFM

Functional Training + Intensity Level + Optimal Time = Metabolic Fat Melt

Now this may look too simple. But remember E=MC2 looks simple...but it's also one of the most powerful equations in all of physics.

"Simple" is almost always the best way to do anything.

That's what we've done for you:

We've made exercise, body toning, weight loss, and lifestyle restoration as simple as possible.

You see the 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge is a 20 minute total body, fat burning, calorie kicking, muscle toning program where every workout is different from the last one to keep it fun and keep you motivated.

All while delivering double the results in a quarter of the time compared to the lies you have been fed since day one just to get your money!

The best part is, you can do this as little as 3 times per week and all from the comfort of your own home, with NO equipment!

You see with constant testing and research, I was able to find a faster way to strip fat, and get you fit.

The fact is, after most workouts your body will start to relax and the fat melting stops.

But with the right functional training, a balanced intensity level and no more than 20 mins of exercise your body enters the Metabolic Fat Melt phase for up to 24 hrs after.

Meaning our body continues to melt fat long after you stop working out due to the accelerated metabolism effect...Making the  30 Day Fat Furnace super effective at burning A LOT of fat fast!

“Here’s Cold Hard PROOF The 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge Loses Fat and Guaranteed  To Deliver Results When Used Correctly and Why It Will Do The Same For You?”

“I am now 21lbs less in 30 days, spending less time in the gym than before and getting my best results ever… the 30 Day Fat Furnace workouts are intense, fun, and incredibly effective.”

Jamie K Denver, CO

“I planned my workouts around my families’ schedule which is very easy to do with the 30 Day Fat Furnace and I lost the last 17 lbs I have been trying to lose all year THANK YOU!! .”

Tracy M Salt Lake City, UT

“I’m here to say that no matter what your schedule is like, the 30 Day Fat Furnace can work for you! I’m living proof that despite a long commute, difficult hours and an odd schedule, following this program …will yield amazing results! I’m SO Happy right now”

Karen K Rochester, NY

I’ve never felt this amazing and successful! My pants are fitting and I’m feeling more confident physically and mentally than I have in a long time. The 30 Day Fat Furnace allowed me to lose 21.3lbs in 30 Days!!! I just followed the videos and simple nutrition plan that fir\t into my life. It was that simple!

Dana H Indianapolis, IN

Here’s What You Get When You Invest

In Yourself Today!

Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll physically see when using the 30 Day Fat Furnace to achieve your fat loss goals

  • You will lose body fat in all those "hard to reach" places so you never feel fat in the mirror again
  • You will Increase your metabolism for faster fat burn... even while you sleep
  • You will flatten your stomach once and for all so you’re actually excited to take your top off in the summer
  • You will sculpt your buns and legs and start turning heads in the gym
  • You will build lean muscle so your new curves show in full effect
  • You will get stronger than you ever thought possible through bodyweight movements alone
  • You will learn the exact lifestyle you should follow for keeping your results for life
  • You will feel stronger and more fit than ever!
  • You will discover lost levels of energy so you can always keep up with daily life and family
  • You will look and feel your best ever so your self-esteem shows through your smile all day long
  • You will finally get back into your skinny clothes again!

Now You Get The EXACT Fun and Effective 1-2-3 Fat Loss System Others Are Using Now To Drop Inches and Achieve The Body They Have Lusted For In Only 20 Minutes Per Day!

  • 30 Days of Fat Burning Cardio Workouts and Muscle Toning Body weight Resistance Training

    all delivered in an easy to use online education center that’s also easy to watch and read on your mobile device and on the go.

  • Step-by-Step Explanation and Demonstration Videos

    Showing you how to perform all the moves correctly, safely and with expert insight on how to pace yourself and the maximum effect from every move you make.

  • Easy to Read Nutritional Guideline For Long Term Nutritional Guidance

    We help guide you every day with healthy eating decisions while still eating the foods you love, that when combined with the Fat Furnace, turbo charges fat loss and the metabolism melt phase.

  • Full Warm Up Instructions For Every Workout

    You can’t just jump into any workout.  So we make sure your body is primed and ready to go for each day helping eliminating the risk of injury.

  • Detailed mobility videos. [What Many Programs Fail To Reveal]

    These videos alone will demonstrate the secrets of full range of motion and aid in building a more supple, safer and stronger body. Helping you move better in the workouts and everyday life. These CAN NOT be missed! – Priceless!!

  • Lifetime Access, FREE Updates and 24/7 Proffessional Support

    Once you’re in, you get lifetime access to the program. We are continually making upgrades which you will have access to for free. Plus if you are ever stuck or need advice. We have your back with a team of experts ready to answer your fitness or technical questions

As soon as it turned up in my email. I was so excited to get my fat loss under control and back on track after having my baby boy…And guess what? After only just 30 days, it has worked just as Hari said!! I think I’m going to do it again!


Diane F Roseville, CA

Get Access To The Scientifically Proven & Results Guaranteed 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge For A Limited Time Only Promotional Price Of $97  

Get Access To The 30 Day Fat Furnace For ONLY $27

Why is such a successful program valued at only $27” you may be asking? Simple. I wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer for you to invest in now. You see, unfortunately, money can be the limiting factor or excuse for many not getting in shape. Think about it:

  • Personal Training - $60 - $120 per hour
  • Gym Membership - $47 monthly, sign on fees and yearly contracts
  • High-End Video Training - $197
  • Equipment Needed for Home Gym - $50 - $500+

And quite simply I don’t want money to hold you back from this opportunity...Hence $27

But it gets better…

If You're Not Happy With Your Results After 30 Days Following The Exact Program All The Way Through. This Entire Program Is FREE! With A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident you will see weight loss results in following the program from start to finish I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!.

If you don't like the service you receive, delivery of the product or my British accent. Just shoot us an email and I’ll send you 100% of your money back..Simple!

Or, just start the 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge and for the simple fact you just don’t like it or aren’t 100% satisfied with your investment. Let us know and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

Only 500 People Will Ever Get The Fat Dropping, Inch Losing, Body Sculpting System At The STUPID Low Price...PERIOD!

Fact is, I run this program by myself, early morning and late nights. I answer every email personally to give the best guidance and support I can.

Having done this before, I have found anywhere over 500 clients,the amount of emails I get (I get a lot of Thank You emails) I can’t provide the level of support and content you deserve consistently.

So only the first 500 people will get the FULL 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge for ONLY $27. Once we hit that number, the price will jump to $97...

Still a great investment for improving your weight loss and achieving a better life...But it’s not as good as $27!!

Get Started And Take The Next Step To A Happier and Healthier Lifestyle NOW...Here’s How

Click the button below, enter your information and you’ll immediately be emailed all your login information to start the challenge as soon as today.

  • 1. Order
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  • 3. Start

I recommend, when you get instant access, you start out with the Get Started video which breaks down how to use the program and navigate yourself around the workouts and nutrition guide and other special bonuses!

Then review the nutrition video and downloadable nutrition guide where we pull back the curtains on how to start and maintain a healthy food plan from day one.

Then before you start watch the goals and mindset video to get you pumped up and ready for this incredible 30 day journey your about to start!

Then it’s up to you. You can either get started RIGHT NOW or take 24hts to take it all in, get situated, invite friends over and get started tomorrow...

It completely up to you. All I ask is you Buy Now so you can get it at this insane low price of $27!


WARNING! You Can’t Let This Opportunity For Ultimate Weight Loss Slip...Here’s Why

The fact is, you are more than welcome to keep doing what you are doing right now and not take out a credit card and invest a simple $27 with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want.

But life will catch up with you, your weight will never change and your self-esteem will continue to drop and you will never be happy...You may be familiar with this feeling.

You will have a higher risk of health and heart issues and find you are gasping for air with just the most simple tasks around the house and playing with kids...

Physical activity will be limited, your joints, back, and knees will lock up in pain!

Listen. It will be 30 days from now and you will look back to this day and think if I had jumped on board the 30 Day Fat Furnace back then I could be 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs lighter...Just for $27, some motivation, and the WANT to achieve the body you deserve..

I know this may seem a bit blunt and to the point, but depending where you are with your weight loss journey sometimes that's what you need to realize.

You may not believe in yourself. But I do. I believe in you. And I believe you will make the best decision for your greatest chance at hitting your weight loss goals and living a life of new energy!

Remember, This is THE Smart Choice… It’s Simple, It Works, It’s Only 20 Minutes Per Day And It Gets You What You Have Always Wanted With This 30 Day Fat Furnace!

When you make this wise decision, you will...

  • Wake up energized before the alarm ever goes off
  • Cure aches and pains with educated mobility and stretching
  • Greatly alter the shape, tone, and body fat you are holding onto now
  • Drop the weight you desire in only 100 minutes per week
  • Stop the over priced programs that absorb your daily life and start eating and moving in a way that's proven to get results 24hrs after you stop exercising
  • And So Much More!
  • 1. Order
  • 2. Delivery
  • 3. Start

I look forward to seeing you in the program. Be sure to send me all your success photos!

To your lifelong fitness

hari luker




Creator of the 30 Day Fat Furnace Challenge


P.S. - Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing. Success in life requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in your mind...

P.S.S. - Remember, you have an unheard of 100% Money Back Guarantee to put this program to the test and see how it works for you. You have nothing to lose. Hit the buy button below and get started! You’ll thank me later you did!


NOTE: The 30 Day Fat Furnace comes in video and PDF format. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download and view all the files onto your computer. The online membership portal can be accessed from laptops computers, tablets and smartphones.  Manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you have any questions you can contact us at support@30dayfatfurnace.com

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